Around one fifth of British adults can’t depend on public transport for getting around


According to new research conducted by Direct Line, over 10 million adults in the UK rely on their cars on a daily basis.

Around one fifth of British adults say they can’t depend on public transport for getting around, having to rely on their cars to do daily commutes such as travelling to work.

The car insurance company discovered that one in 10 adults in the UK would not be able to get to their closest town centre if they only had public transport to use, whilst a further 1.5 million said they would have to use around three or more types of public transport just to reach town.

The study found that over 9m UK adults can’t get to their local supermarket unless they have a car, whilst 14% said they couldn’t rely on public transport if they needed to go and see their doctor.

Alarmingly, around 8 million people in the UK claimed their local public transport links were inadequate.

Around one fifth of British adults can't depend on public transport for getting around

Over 10m adults in the UK rely on their cars on a daily basis © Copyright David P Howard and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


In Northern Ireland and Wales it seems the problem is much worse, as 27% and 30% respectively claimed they would “practically be unable” to get to work if they had no car and only had public transport to use.

Adults living in the North West, South West, East of England and the West Midlands are only slightly more happy.

The UK capital was found to be the easiest place to get around for commuters, probably thanks to its underground and overground rail networks – just 11% of adults within London said they had no other options available and had to rely on their car.

According to the report, over 6m UK adults (12%), live more than 5 miles from their closest railway station. On average though, adults in East Midlands had the longest journey to their nearest station at 3.2 miles, whilst those in the capital had the shortest commute at 1.25 miles.

However, it’s not only how far they have to travel to get to a railway station that frustrates British commuters, as one fifth complained about the cost of public transport and another million said they’re put off using them because they aren’t as clean as they could be.

“This research shows that while public transport has improved in many areas, there are still perceived issues with accessibility, reliability and quality in some places. This makes a large number of people dependent on their car to make short but vital trips, such as going to work, dropping the children off at school or visiting the supermarket,” said Rob Miles, director of car insurance at Direct Line.


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