Newly released figures show blemished tyres more at fault than dodgy brakes


According to newly released figures by the Department for Transport (DfT), one of the main causes of accidents in the UK last year was down to poor tyre maintenance.

During the 12 months last year, 446 accidents were associated with unhealthy tyres – they beat faulty brakes to the top of the list by 81 points.

Damaged tyres, low pressure and worn tyres below the legal limit are the main problems listed, which suggests that a good number of motorists in the UK are failing to make regular checks on what the condition of their vehicles’ tyres are.

Newly released figures show blemished tyres more at fault than faulty brakes

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According to the co-founder of car repair website ClickMechanic Andrew Jervis, carrying out regular and thorough maintenance checks on our car’s tyres could help reduce the chance of a blowout of tyre failure.

“Some UK drivers are not servicing their car regularly or conducting simple checks, such as measuring the air pressure in the tyres,” said Mr Jervis.

A UK organisation that promotes tyre safety called TyreSafe, revealed results of a study earlier this year which claimed that purchasing part-worn tyres could be contributing to problems, as 58% of used tyres that have been tested contain defects.

The chairman of TyreSafe Stuart Jackson, recommends motorists in the UK don’t purchase part-worn tyres, even if they are sold legally as they could possibly be life-threatening.

Whilst tyres came out on top for cars, when it came to all types of vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles and buses, the DfT found that faulty brakes were the main cause of accidents, with defective steering or suspension coming second – beating badly and over-loaded vehicles.


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