The smell of smoke in a car is impossible to get rid of


According to research and industry experts, smoking in your car could knock £2,000 of its value when the time comes for a new vehicle.

The editor of CAP HPI’s Black Book said: “a car driven by a heavy smoker could easily lose up to £2,000 at trade-in”.

A number of dealers in the UK would immediately lower the price offered on a part exchange if the car has been used by a smoker and in some cases, if the car is so bad they will even refuse to purchase the car.

The smell of smoke in a car is impossible to get rid of

£2,000 could be knocked off your car’s value if you smoke inside it – Not an issue with a clean, fresh brand new lease car!


Many car buyers would never consider buying a car if the inside smelt so bad of cigarette smoke, therefore leaving dealers with a much smaller market, not to mention the fact that fewer people smoke these days.

Carbuyer found that 87% of drivers said they would never buy a car that had been smoked in.

Currently around 16% of the UK population smoke compared to around 20% back in 2010, whilst in 1976, a record 46% of the UK population smoked.

However, despite fewer smokers in the UK today, statistics suggest that around 2% of our population do smoke but would never even think about buying a car that had been smoked in.

According to one car detailing expert, many of the products on the market which claim to eliminate the smell of smoke do not work and trying to get rid of the smell is very difficult. What he does recommend using is antibacterial cleaners, wet vacuuming or steam cleaning.

The smell of smoke makes its way into the air conditioning system of a vehicle and becomes deep-rooted into the upholstery, sometimes leaving you with no other option but to replace carpets and headlinings, rather than wasting money trying to get them clean.

Smoking in your lease car is not recommended for a number of reasons. If at the end of your lease contract there’s a noticeable smell of smoke in the vehicle, you might incur extra charges. You might also burn a hole in the upholstery which will have to be repaired by yourself before the lease car is returned at the end of your contract.

Leasing a car means you don’t have to worry about driving around in a vehicle which might have been smoked in – it’s fresh, clean and brand spanking new.


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