Celebrations took place at the factory in Tychy, Poland


It’s a real success story – the Fiat 500 – and it seems as though its popularity shows no signs of slowing down as they celebrate the 2,000,000th rolling off the production line at their factory in Tychy, Poland of their retro city car.

The current 500 was introduced 11 years ago and whilst it’s been updated a number of times, it remains the original recreation, which makes its current sales rate of more than 200,000 a year much more impressive.

In fact, for five years in a row the 500 has been the best-selling city car in Europe, regardless of the number of rivals biting at their wheels.

Celebrations took place at the factory in Tychy, Poland

2,000,000th Fiat 500 city car rolls off the production line in Poland © Copyright Fiat


In 2017, the Fiat 500 had a market share of nearly 15%, whilst their latest quarterly sales of almost 60,000 is in reality an all-time record.

As a matter of fact, the 500 is the most popular city car amongst drivers in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Hungary, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and here in the UK.

It also appears in the top three in Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden.

It wouldn’t be out of place to say that the Fiat 500 is still loved by Europeans.

Over the 11 years, there’s been 30 special editions made of the Fiat 500 which have been loved by motorists here in the UK and Europe. One such special known as the Collezione is currently available and was built to celebrate 60 years of the Fiat 500.

Despite these impressive figures though, the new car still has a fair way to go before beating sales of the original 500 which was introduced in 1957 – twice as many sold back then but to be fair, there were less rivals around in those days.

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