Looking for the right lease can be hard. With so much to take in, you can be easily overwhelmed with prices. At ClearCarLeasing, our main aim is to make leasing as simple as possible. Follow a few of our tips below and you’ll be guaranteed to find the best offers and prices.

1. Enquire

Simple tip, but big reward. Lease prices tend to fluctuate a lot and as such many prices on lease websites can be out of date or be higher than what you could be paying. Getting in touch with lease brokers directly may reveal hidden gems.

2. Know exactly what you want.

There are so many lease offers to choose from. But which one is best for you? Defining what you need, and for how long, will help you. Not only will it save you time, but lease brokers will then be able to recommend lease deals for you based on your preferences.

Who knows, you might even take an offer on a car you had never even considered!

3. Timing

Believe it or not, timing is key when it comes to leasing. First let me explain – sure you could be organised and order a car 6 months before you even need it, but that might not always be the cheapest price.

Deals normally emerge when a dealer or a funder has bought too many cars that they can’t shift but still needs to meet their monthly target. As such, they’re normally more than happy to do a car slightly cheaper if you agree to take one within the same month.

4. Be Flexible

Don’t get caught out by restricting yourself to a badge! A lot of new cars now are similar, and in some cases are exactly the same underneath.

For example, the Skoda Octavia shares the same chassis as the Volkswagen Golf. As such, you’ll find similar interior, similar space and a similar drive. However, as you can expect, the Skoda may be cheaper to lease.

5. Research

Before making your decision, make sure you’re getting the best deal on that car. Take a look at various leasing companies to see whether or not you’re paying more or less than what they’re offering.

However, beware that some lease companies may advertise their prices differently. Make sure you’re comparing the same initial payment upfront across the same length of contract.

6. Watch out – hidden costs!

You should never have to pay any form of admin charge for a lease. We don’t believe in charging any form of admin charges. As such, we will just give you the lease price as it is, as clearly as possible. You wouldn’t expect any nasty surprises from us.

7. Check before you sign!

This is very important and if it’s not been done properly, it can cost you more money and a sore headache.

Firstly, test drive the car before signing any contract. You will be required to lease the car for a minimum time period so make sure it’s the right car for you.

Secondly, study the terms and conditions of any lease contract. Make sure you have understood the contract clearly. Ensure that the monthly charges are correct and you are aware of any other charges that may arise during or after the contract.

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