However, more than half admit to breaking 20mph and 30mph speed limits!


According to new research, 91% of motorists in the UK believe they’re “careful and competent” drivers, however more than half admit to breaking 20mph and 30mph speed limits.

Despite 91% claiming to be “careful and competent” drivers, 52% confessed to breaking the 20mph speed limit, whilst 57% admitted to speeding in a 30mph zone.

Furthermore, 58% said they’d rushed through a traffic light whilst it was turning from amber to red.

However, more than half admit to breaking the 20mph and 30mph speed limits!

91% of UK motorists claim they’re “careful and competent” drivers, yet some admit to rushing through traffic lights when changing from amber to red. © Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Figures recently released by the Department for Transport (DfT) suggest that speeding rates could be even higher though, as 86% of observed cars were found to be speeding in 20mph zones.

And whilst a large proportion of motorists confessed to breaking speed limits and rushing through traffic lights, opinions around drink-driving tend to be more in-line with legislation.

Some 94% of those who claimed to be “careful and competent” drivers said they’d never broken the drink-drive limit, whilst 84% said they’d not used their mobile phone whilst behind the wheel – however 4% confessed to doing so once a day or more.

The research follows a survey commissioned by Cycling UK and conducted by YouGov, who also discovered that most of those taking part would like to see tougher penalties introduced for motorists who injure other people.

Of cases where a driver has been convicted of causing serious injury, 77% of those taking part believed they should be given an automatic minimum ban, whilst 83% thought an automatic ban should be introduced for killing someone.

Currently in the UK, driving bans should be handed out automatically for the offence of ‘causing death by dangerous driving’.

Despite this however, figures from the Ministry of Justice show 61 motorists convicted of causing serious injury by dangerous driving did not receive an automatic ban in 2017, whilst 28 who were found guilty of causing death by careless driving were also not disqualified immediately.

In all, 83% of all those taking part in the survey said that drivers who cause a serious injury to others should have to be automatically retested, whilst 86% said the same should happen in the event of a death.

At present, only motorists convicted of causing death by dangerous driving by default are retested.

Head of campaigns for Cycling UK, Duncan Dollimore, defined current laws surrounding careless and dangerous driving as a “mess”, saying: “It’s clear the public believe that drivers who have presented the most danger to others should be removed from our roads, but they’re less clear about what amounts to risky behaviour.”

Director of campaigns for road safety charity Brake, Joshua Harris, accursed “flaws” in the current road law framework, calling for a “review of road traffic offences and penalties” in order to “regain the public’s trust and to ensure that just and fair outcomes are consistently delivered”.


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