New survey reveals just how many drivers from the UK think you drive on the left once off the ferry or train!


According to a new survey conducted by insurance company By Miles, around two-thirds of British motorists believe you drive on the left in France and Spain.

A total of 1,253 motorists from the UK took part in the survey which found that 62% of British drivers had no idea that you actually drove on the right once you departed the ferry or train – an alarmingly high number!

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Please remember – when driving in France and Spain, you drive on the right!

Maybe what some drivers should do to remind themselves before setting off abroad, is to stick a post-it note on their dashboard saying “to the right, to the right!” so that they don’t forget.

The survey also discovered that only one fifth (22%) of UK drivers know you must carry a breathalyser in France at all times. It must be unused, in date and include the NF certification mark. You must also carry a warning triangle with you and a high-visibility vest whilst driving in France.

Furthermore, a whopping 91% of British drivers had no idea that in Spain you cannot drive without a shirt on or you can be fined the equivalent of £180!

You could also get into trouble abroad if you play your music too loudly, hang your arm out of the window or wear flip flops to drive.

“Holidaymakers planning on driving to Europe this summer must take the time to swot up on local driving laws or risk facing fines. Little-known rules can often catch drivers out,” said James Blackham, co-founder of By Miles.

The best advice is to learn the rules and regulations of the country you’re visiting before setting off, so that you know exactly what to expect.



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