Even though you could be handed a £100 on-the-spot fine for ‘careless driving’!


According to new research, a large number of UK drivers confess to eating on-the-go when driving despite the fact that you can be punished if caught for ‘careless driving’.

Almost two thirds (63%) of British motorists admitted to eating convenience food whilst behind the wheel, with 55.7% claiming they’re more likely to opt for junk food whilst on the road compared to being at home.

It’s believed that £1.25 billion is spent on food at service stations in the UK every year.

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Many motorway service stations now offer more nutritious options but all food should be eaten when stopped! © Copyright Steve Fareham and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

However, what many drivers don’t realise, is that eating whilst driving could lead to punishment for ‘careless driving’ if caught.

You could be issued with a £100 on-the-spot fine and three penalty points on your driving licence if you’re caught by the police and if the case ends up in court, this fine could increase to a hefty £5,000 and nine points on your licence or possibly a driving ban!

Other issues that may arise from eating junk food whilst driving, is the fact that it can lead to reduced concentration levels and lower mood which could make driving dangerous.

Many service stations in the UK now offer their customers more nutritious options which potentially boost mood and concentration levels, so drivers are encouraged to think more about what they choose to eat when on a journey. Whatever you decide to eat though, it should only be eaten when stopped!



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