Not many of us know this but a lot of cars now have a symbol next to the petrol gauge to remind us


We’ve all done it, drive up to a petrol station and suddenly forget which side of our car the petrol cap is on and end up choosing the wrong side – typical!

What many of us don’t know however, it that within most people’s vehicle these days there’s a handy reminder telling us which side we should actually be filling up on.

In a lot of cars today, next to the picture of the petrol pump, you will find a small arrow which points to the side of the car the fuel cap is located on, acting as a very useful reminder.

Not many of us know this but a lot of cars now have a symbol next to the petrol gauge to remind us

Always forgetting which side of your car the fuel cap is located? Look to see if there’s an arrow symbol in your car!


So now you know (unless you did already), this handy little symbol is more than likely on the dashboard in your vehicle and will now be a constant reminder as to which side you should be putting your fuel in – no more having to guess, or sticking your head out of the window to take a look, or even asking your other half if they know (I get this one all the time)!

As for those with no arrow symbol, there’s still a way of knowing which side you need to fill up on in some cars, as the little petrol pump icon is generally located either to the left of the gauge or to the right and whichever side it’s on is usually the same side as the fuel cap.

Now that’s been cleared up, don’t forget to make sure you replace the fuel cap after filling up, as fuel could escape from the system if left off.

The ‘check engine’ light should appear on your dashboard to make you aware that a leak has been detected and a replacement petrol cap should be purchased straight away.


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