When you lease a car you choose an annual mileage allowance that suits your needs


When you take out a lease agreement on a brand new car, you must remember that your contract and the fixed monthly payments will be based on the mileage allowance you chose and that if you go over your agreed mileage, you will be faced with having to pay an excess mileage charge.

To ensure you neither face charges at the end of your contract or choose too many miles per annum for your needs, it’s a good idea to work out exactly how many miles you do on a yearly basis, thus preventing you from paying too much for what you don’t use.

The best advice is to work out how many miles per annum you will cover and ask us for a personalised quote based on your figure.

When you lease a car you choose an annual mileage allowance that suits your needs

What Are Annual Mileages and Excess Mileage Charges?


Leasing contracts tend to offer mileage allowances based on a yearly mile, i.e. 10,000 or 10k per annum.

So based on this example, if you take out a 2 year lease with us, your contract mileage allowance for the duration of your lease term would be 20,000 or 20k.

And remember, the mileage might be quoted as an annual allowance but any unused miles do carry on into the remainder of your contract. So if you take out an annual mileage of 10k on a 2 year contract but only use 8k in the first year, you still have (20-8=12) 12,000 miles remaining to use for the final year of your lease contract.

Check with us first to find out whether the mileage allowance is per year or for the full contract mileage.

We always explain to our customers what the excess mileage charge is and it will be included within your contract. The excess mileage charge also varies depending on what car you are leasing.


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