New survey discovers that driving down unfamiliar roads scares many of us the most!


According to a new survey conducted by the Red Driving School, what scares drivers the most is travelling on unfamiliar roads, with 38% of those taking part saying it does.

It might come as no surprise to discover that other drivers came in second place, with just over one in three (35%) confirming what many drivers might possibly think would be the top fear.

In third, fourth and fifth place came cyclists on 17%, night driving with 9% and pedestrians on 1%.

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If you get scared whilst driving, try playing some music to help calm you down.

To put the results of the survey into context, data from the Department for Transport (DfT) shows just what the real threats are when out on the roads.

Apparently, 40% of all road accidents occur at night, yet only 9% of motorists worried about driving in the dark. In addition, the road environment contributed to only 12.6% of accidents between 2013 and 2017 in the UK.

During the same period however, careless driver mistakes contributed to a whopping 71% of accidents.

To help calm themselves down, around 25% of those taking part said they played music, however 18% said they did the opposite and turned the music off.

A good number of drivers said they turned to deep breathing, a nasal spray or some other form of calming method to help, whilst 10% just carried on feeling anxious without trying to overcome it.

Ian McIntosh, CEO at Red Driving School said, “Given the variety of roads in the UK, it’s understandable they can make some drivers nervous,” adding: “That’s why, when taking a route for the first time, research is key. Look at the type of road you’ll be driving on and consider whether you might prefer another route. If you feel the nerves are getting to you, avoid caffeine and instead take small steps like slow breathing and opening the window to keep relaxed and focused.”



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