96 hours a year are spent by parents on getting children ready & into the family car


According to new research carried out by SEAT, parents in the UK spend around 4 days a year getting their children ready and into the family car.

Busy mums and dads lose around 96 hours a year getting their children ready to leave the house and into the car twice in a day and it turns out that children aged 2 to 3 are the ones making it even more difficult for their parents.

Almost half (47%) said that the ‘terrible twos’ are the worst age group to deal with, to get organised and ready for the car journey.

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Parents spend around 4 days a year getting their children into the car!

Around one third (30%) of parents said they’re late for work at least once a week because of early morning parental battles with children – averaging out at around 11 minutes in delays throughout the country but a whopping 18 minutes in the Capital, the worst performing area in the UK.

Trying to get children to put on their shoes and coat is one of the biggest bugbear’s amongst frustrated parents, often resorting to using one of the oldest bribes in the book – sweets – or promising to play their favourite songs on the way.

SEAT claim that London children are the ones most likely to make their parents late for work, as 16% of Londoners say they’re late every day because of the stressful morning routine. This means that parents in the capital are the ones most likely (25%) to dread the daily routine of getting their little ones into the family car.

The easiest and best behaved children it seems are in Scotland, as almost half (46%) of parents claim their children never make them late.

“It won’t be a surprise to parents of young children that getting into the car and setting off on a journey, however long or short, is such a challenge,” said SEAT product chief Rob Fryer, also adding: “Whether it’s last-minute toilet trips or deciding which of their toys they’d like to take in the car with them, children can make the job of leaving the house seem daunting.”



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