Some car manufacturers like to prank on April 1st – who will it be in 2019?


It’s April Fools’ Day today and whilst car manufacturers tend to spend the year concentrating on sales and the development of new models, some do manage to find time to have a bit of fun on April 1st.

The pranks are probably down to the PR departments, who try and conjure up something crazy or whacky in the form of a press release or advert claiming they’ve brought out a new model or some way-out new technology and with so many resources available to them, they can make their jokes look very convincing, with some even going so far as making a one-off car just to get a laugh.

So what jokes have appeared on 1 April in 2019?

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An April Fools’ Day prank from Fiat based on the car that appears in the TV show ‘The Inbetweeners’ – the Fiat Panda Hawaii edition!! (Fiat/PA)

There’s a cracker from Fiat this year, with the company announcing their fake intention to build a special edition Panda commemorating the 10th anniversary of the TV show, The Inbetweeners.

The prank car has been designed as a tribute to the car that appears in the series, an old, battered Fiat Cinquecento Hawaii Edition – it boasts a red passenger door including dents, black plastic bumpers, a radio-cassette player instead of a DAB digital radio and M-reg licence plates.

The prank gets worse and gives the game away when it claims the Panda Hawaii includes an “anti-squirrel-collision” system and “mild amphibious qualities” for protection if it ends up in a pond.

As for Land Rover, their April Fools’ Day prank see’s the company claiming they’ve installed the UK’s most remote charging point – 15 miles up a mountain on the Isle of Skye.

According to the claim, the new charging point is perfectly situated for owners of Range Rover P400e’s to enjoy a “zero emissions adventure,” stating that they’d easily manage to reach the summit without polluting the air thanks to the vehicle’s 30-mile all-electric range.

They report that it will only take two hours and 45 minutes for a full charge and whilst owners wait, they can enjoy the “electrifying view.”

Skoda’s prank this year takes a jibe at car personalisation which is the market trend of the moment, claiming they’ve brought out a set of customisable puddle lights.

‘ProjectaPal’ they claim is an LED reminder system that lets the owner display images and personalised messages on the road when the door is opened.

Their ‘made-up’ Head of Infotainment Development, Dr. Ivor Tüchskreen, gives an explanation of the system, claiming: “Every week, I forget to put my bins out for recycling. Before ProjectaPal, I would tape a note on the interior door handle, but it would always fall off. Then I thought ‘why don’t I ask my Karoq to remind me instead?’ – and that’s when we started designing ProjectaPal.”


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