The EV is said to be the second smallest car Audi have ever made

German automobile manufacturers Audi, have confirmed they’re to push ahead with plans to introduce a series of driverless cars by 2021.

Audi will manufacture an all-electric city vehicle intended “for initial low volume production”.

The company proposes to “take a leading role within the Volkswagen Group for driverless cars.”

The EV is said to be the second smallest car Audi have ever made

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Audi’s EV will include autonomous driving technology for use in urban areas and according to some reports, the new vehicle will have a similar look to the Volkswagen Up!

According to Autocar, the name of the autonomous Audi will be either the A0 or A2.

The latter of the two name choices would be more apt, as the new vehicle is going to be the company’s second smallest car they’ve ever made – smaller than the Audi A1 hatchback.

The firm’s Volkswagen Polo-based 50 from 1974 is the company’s smallest car.

The German carmakers aren’t the only ones aiming for 2021 to introduce autonomous vehicles to the mass market; BMW confirmed earlier in the week of their intentions to start production on their driverless iNext platform.

Autocar says the BMW iNext, which is being co-produced with Intel and Mobileye, will feature “level 3.5 autonomy.”

It won’t be an official five level autonomous vehicle but according to Autocar magazine, it will “bridge the gap between 3 and 4”.

According to some in the automotive industry, BMW’s autonomous platform is thought to be a “mid-size electric crossover designed around self-driving and connectivity.”

The Audi A0 or A2 will eventually compete against models such as the Tesla Model X and electric Jaguar I-Pace, the latter of which has not yet been confirmed as to whether it will be an autonomous car.


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