Overloading your vehicle could cost you a £300 fine, so make sure you don’t exceed the manufacturer’s limit


According to a new report, around 4 million drivers in the UK could risk being hit with a fine over the bank holiday weekend by making one simple mistake, one that many people don’t really give consideration to.

It’s expected that 14 million cars are going to be on the roads this August bank holiday weekend, with delays and congestion possible in many parts of the country, however new research suggests that around 4 million road users over the next few days may possibly be at risk of landing a £300 fine or even affecting their insurance premiums by making one simple mistake – overloading their vehicle.

It’s believed that around a third of motorists over the bank holiday weekend will overload their car and risk being punished for their one simple error.

How to avoid a fine if you're travelling this bank holiday weekend

Overloading your vehicle could cost you a £300 fine, so make sure you don’t exceed the manufacturer’s limit © Copyright Michael Garlick and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


What’s more, two in five drivers have no idea that carrying excess weight could possibly compromise their insurance policy and may even invalidate it if involved in a car accident.

The punishment for exceeding the manufacturer’s limit is a fine and three penalty points on your driving licence, so to avoid getting caught it’s recommended that you find out your own car’s limit and stick to it – the information should be easy to find in the vehicle’s owner manual.

When you overload a car, extra strain is put on the tyres and the extra weight can also affect the handling and braking, which in turn could affect stopping distances.

According to research, some Brits admit to overloading their vehicle with a few common items such as flat pack furniture (15%), mattresses (13%) and suitcases (8%) – all of these can substantially add extra weight to a vehicle.

The survey also found that two-thirds of motorists confessed to overloading their cars at some point, whilst 43% claimed they ‘have no other choice’, whereas 14% said they would overload their vehicle just to avoid multiple journeys.

“Going away for the weekend often means a car full of people and all the kit that goes with it,” said Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert at MoneySuperMarket, adding: “It’s easy to see how cars can be overloaded, which raises a number of safety and insurance issues.”


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