Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing


If you enjoy driving a brand new car every few years, you should consider leasing your next car rather than purchasing outright.

When you lease a brand new car from Clear Car Leasing, you have the option to lease the make and model of your choice for an affordable fixed monthly amount and because you’re paying over a set period of time, you could end up driving a better car than you thought possible than if you was to purchase outright.

You can lease a brand new car or van for either 18 months, 24, 36, or 48 months (4 years) and add a mileage allowance to suit your requirements.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

The are many benefits to take advantage of when leasing a brand new car including UK road tax and affordable monthly payments.

An initial rental/deposit (non-refundable) is due for payment at the beginning of your lease contract. This tends to be the equivalent of three of your fixed monthly payments, so for example, if you lease a car for 36 months and the amount payable every month is £299.00, we will ask you for a 3 x £299.00 = £897.00 initial rental followed by 35 months at £299.00 per month.

Of course, you can choose to pay more and this will lower your fixed monthly payments.

When you lease a brand new car, you simply return it when your contract ends and start again – no worries about depreciation in value or having to sell the car on when the time comes.

You can even add a maintenance package to your contract for peace of mind which includes servicing, tyres and general fair wear & tear cover.

Overall, the benefits of leasing are clear to see – the monthly payments are generally lower than if you was buying outright, you don’t have to worry about road tax, you can avoid depreciation costs and at the end of your lease term, you can lease another brand new car of your choice.


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