With Clear Car Leasing, the process is simple and hassle-free


When you lease a brand new car rather than buying one outright you are basically only ever paying for the depreciation of the car – this means your monthly payments tend to be a lot cheaper than monthly finance payments or personal loan repayments.

However, there’s also other benefits to leasing a car than lower monthly payments, such as the fact that when you lease a brand new car from Clear Car Leasing, there’s no road tax to worry about as this is included as part of your agreement and covers the whole period of your lease contract.

All our brand new lease cars come with a full manufacturer’s warranty as standard, plus you have the option to add a maintenance package to your contract. This will increase the cost of your monthly fixed payments but it does provide peace of mind for the duration of your contract, as all servicing, repairs and tyre replacements will be covered as part of the package – it could save you money in the long run.

With Clear Car Leasing, the process is simple and hassle-free

What Are The Benefits For Personal Car Leasing?


The biggest benefit when leasing a car is that you can drive a brand new car of your choice more often than if you purchase outright. Our lease periods vary and all depend on your individual requirements. If you lease a car for two years, you get to drive and enjoy it for the whole period before handing it back and starting all over again, so every two years you get to choose and drive a brand new car.

And just like buying outright, you can pick your favourite colour from the manufacturer options available, add optional extras to the make and model you choose and receive two sets of keys.


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