Over the past two weeks, here at Clear Car Leasing, we have been testing out the BMW 225xe Active Tourer and in this review is all our thoughts on it.

In comparison to our own cars, this type of car was something we had never driven before and all we can all agree that it was a great first experience.

Our thoughts on the BMW 225xe Active Tourer were very positive, we thought it was nice looking with a few quirks. The car we tested had the M Sport styling which definitely made this car more eye-pleasing especially with panoramic sunroof; which was a big hit amongst us.

There’s no place more suited to this car than city centres, entirely due to the hybrid engine this BMW had to offer. We were asked to record our MPG but with some of our daily journeys less than 10 miles, the car only ran on electric for these, meaning no petrol was touched. Others with longer journeys achieved an astonishing MPG of around 80-90! If that doesn’t sound impressive, not much will.

We thought everything was brilliant about the interior, the leather seats were so comfortable and supportive. Another reason we loved the panoramic sunroof was how airy and bright it made the cabin feel.

Overall, we would definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for a new family car. The school run is a doddle and the food shop has no problem fitting in the boot. One of the worst things we disliked about the car was that we simply weren’t allowed to keep it for longer!

On the whole, we gave this car a rating of… 8.5/10!

If you’re interested in leasing the BMW 225xe Active Tourer, please contact us on: 01904 557 544 for a quote!

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