The all electric MINI will start being produced in the UK from 2019


BMW have revealed the basic design of their much anticipated all electric MINI ahead of its unveiling at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The German automaker’s confirmed back in July that their fully electric three-door MINI will be being made at their Cowley plant in southeast Oxford and will go into production in 2019.

The company did launch a MINI E electric car back in 2008 in order to carry out lengthy global field trials.

The Frankfurt Motor Show takes place next month and the new electric MINI will be unveiled to the world, going on display from the 16th September.

The all electric MINI will start being produced in the UK from 2019

BMW reveal the design of their MINI Electric Concept car ahead of the Frankfurt Motor Show


According to BMW, the all new EV will contain a “a powerful electric motor” but no more technical details have yet been confirmed, whilst the concept car has no interior.

The gearbox, motor and battery pack will be assembled in Germany, then shipped to the UK to be attached to the rest of the car at their factory in Oxford.

Altogether, 360,000 MINI’s are produced every year but out of these, over 60% of them are made at the plant over here in the UK.

The new MINI Electric Concept includes a hexagonal radiator grille and round headlights making it stand out from the crowd.

The factory at Cowley employs around 4,500 staff but overall BMW have about 18,000 people working for them in the UK.

The company is expecting electric vehicles will account for around 15 to 25% of their sales by the year 2025.

Britain remains the Mini’s largest market, accounting for 20% of global sales.


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