Examiners being attacked by failed candidates rose by one third last year


The DVSA is considering providing body cameras for driving test examiners, following reports that the number of attacks by failed candidates on examiners has risen by one third since last year.

In 2016, around 240 examiners were physically or verbally abused, rising by one third compared to the year before.

A reported 60 attacks also occurred on DVSA vehicle testers and roadside enforcement officers last year.

Examiners being attacked by failed candidates rose by one third last year

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Body cameras are now being trialled by the Government agency for front-line staff, starting first with roadside workers and hopefully moving on to driving test examiners if the trials prove successful.

As well as introducing body-worn cameras, the DVSA has also promised to ensure that any troublesome learner drivers resit their next test somewhere else, plus all incidents of this nature will be reported to the police.

A driving test examiner in West Yorkshire was sworn at back in March, after asking the candidate to stop the car after making a few errors. The candidate then proceeded to drive erratically over a dual carriageway and the examiner was forced to use dual controls to bring the car to a stop.

As a result, the candidate was banned from that particular test centre and will be under supervision on any future tests.

Chief executive of the DVSA, Gareth Llewellyn said: “We do not tolerate anyone abusing, threatening or assaulting them. Our message is clear – whatever has happened, don’t take it out on our staff. If you do, we’ll press for the strongest possible penalties.”

Pete Williams, a spokesman for RAC road safety, said it was disappointing to see such a big rise in the number of incidents of this nature against driving test examiners, considering they are there to help people pass their test and don’t deserve such abuse.


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