New car registrations in March 2015 were exceedingly high and are all now due an MoT this month!


According to new research, if you’re car is due for an MoT this month you might struggle with an appointment, as the number of car’s needing an MoT this March could be colossal.

Kwik Fit, who carried out the study and are one of the largest car servicing and repair companies in the UK, have said that MoT tests records will be broken this month because just shy of half a million cars are due their first test in March.

New car registrations in March 2015 were exceedingly high and the largest seen for more than two decades – 492,774 newly registered vehicles took to the roads three years ago and now all require their first MoT this month.

As a result, it could be difficult trying to book a car in for its MoT at any of the test centre’s up and down the country.

New car registrations in March 2015 were exceedingly high and they're all now due an MoT in March!

According to new research trying to book an MoT in March could become a nightmare © Copyright N Chadwick and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.


Kwik Fit have warned that it’s not just these vehicles that will need booking in for an MoT test this March as analysis from 22.3 million new car registrations from the past 13 years has found that around one in five (19%) of all cars are registered in the third month of the year.

This is because motorists are tempted by the first of the new plate changes which occur every year in the UK, the second one falling in September.

“March is always a peak month for MOTs, but this year it will be busier than ever as the record breaking new car registrations of 2015 feed through,” said communications director at Kwik Fit Roger Griggs.

According to research carried out by the auto repair centre, many motorists leave booking their MoT test until the last minute but this could cause a problem in March when testing centres are extremely busy.

You can book your car in for an MoT test up to a month before the expiry date on your certificate and still keep the same date but not many motorists are aware of this, yet it could stop people from having to panic and rush at the last minute.


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