And warns the insurance sector should be ready to adapt to a future with self-driving cars


According to the boss of Axa Insurance, Ms Amanda Blanc, babies born today might never have to take a driving lesson, as autonomous cars could arrive in the UK within the next 15 years.

Ms Blanc said with self-driving technology developing much faster than anticipated, autonomous vehicles could be on the streets of Britain by 2032, so “babies born today may never have to take a driving test.”

However, Ms Blanc has warned the insurance sector to be ready for big changes which will come about when self-driving cars hit the streets, when accidents are taking place with a computer in control of a vehicle rather than it being a human in full control.

She said that UK insurers must be ready to play a key role in building a new structure for a future with driverless vehicles, claiming that such cars “will not be able to take the roads without that.”

The cost of insurance premiums are expected to fall in line with a reduction in the number of accidents, with Ms Blanc admitting that self-driving cars would make UK roads “much safer and increase mobility for vulnerable members of society”, providing more of us with a chance of getting insurance.

According to research carried out by the US government, self-driving vehicles will give rise to an 80% drop in the amount of car accidents by the year 2035.

Once self-driving cars arrive in Britain, insurance providers will have to offer two types of cover for owners of autonomous vehicles; for when the car is being controlled by itself, or when a human is in control. These proposals have been outlined by the Government in their Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill.

Steps have already been taken by insurance providers in the UK, including Axa, to ensure their future within the autonomous sector is safeguarded and ready to deal with any changes.

The company are involved in a number of projects introduced by the Government, to look into the many challenges that driverless vehicles pose.


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