Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing


Long term business rentals are one of the most cost effective ways of hiring a fleet of cars for your business.

With a Business Contract Hire (BCH) agreement, you can help reduce the financial burden and worries associated with purchasing outright. No more vehicle administration to deal with or depreciation values to worry about, plus you don’t have to think about selling the car/s on when the time comes.

With a BCH agreement, you pay a fixed monthly amount for an agreed lease term (from 18 months to 48 months) on a fleet of brand new cars for your business and at the end of your contract you simply hand the vehicles back.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

Business Contract Hire – lease a fleet of brand new cars for your business with Clear Car Leasing from 18 months to 4 years

There are many advantages when it comes to Contract Hire through your business – the cars you lease do’t need to be shown on the balance sheet and you can claim back 50% of the VAT so long as your company is VAT registered.

Also, if you add a maintenance package to your BCH agreement, you can claim back 100% of its VAT.

You get to choose the make and model you’d like to represent your business, the length of lease term you’d prefer and a mileage allowance to suit your needs based on how many miles you cover annually.

There’s huge benefits associated with leasing a fleet of cars through your business including low initial payments which tend to be made up of three to six of your monthly payments, fixed monthly payments based on the length of your lease term and your chosen annual mileage and no more administration costs for your business to worry about – just one affordable payment to make every month and at the end of your contract you simply hand the fleet back and start again!

To qualify for Business Contract Hire leasing you must be a sole trader, partnership or limited company. As part of the leasing process and to ensure your business is eligible before proceeding further, your company will have to provide proof of address and ID as well as having to pass credit checks before a decision is made.


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