Who is eligible and what are the benefits


Contract Hire for business is also referred to in short as BCH or simply a business lease.

Any business large or small in the UK can apply for a BCH at Clear Car Leasing and the process is as straightforward and hassle-free as our Personal Contract Hire (PCH) agreements.

If your business is looking to lease a car or a fleet of cars on a long term rental contract with fixed monthly payments then look no further than Clear Car Leasing.

Who is eligible and what are the benefits

Business Contract Hire (BCH) Explained


BCH enables you to drive a brand new car of your choice over an agreed period of time and mileage allowance. Leasing through your business rather than buying outright means you don’t have to deal with large drops in value which is generally associated with owning a new vehicle and at the end of your contract you can either choose to continue leasing the same car/s for a further lease term or opt for a totally new make and model as part of a new contract.

To qualify for a BCH you must be a sole trader, partnership, a Limited Company or PLC and be able to provide bank statements, proof of address and the main company director must provide proof of ID. Your company must also show a good credit rating in order to be eligible for a BCH agreement.

At the end of your business contract, the vehicle/s should be returned in a condition that meets the BVRA Fair Wear & Tear guidelines or penalty charges might have to be paid and if you exceed your agreed annual mileage allowance extra charges might also be due.

Leasing a car through a BCH means better cash flow for your business with low fixed monthly payments, flexible contract terms from 18 months to 48 months, no worries about having to sell the car or losing money on its value, plus there’s VAT benefits too – 50% of your VAT can be claimed back and if you take out a maintenance package as part of your agreement, 100% of its VAT can be reclaimed.

Also included as part of your BCH agreement is road tax for the duration of your lease term.


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