Whether your company is large or small, leasing a car can work for you


Business Contract Hire is available for all types of businesses, no matter what size of company it may be.

Start-ups and smaller businesses looking for that little bit of security will find our short-term leases the perfect option.

For a business just starting up, it might be best to avoid expensive and long-term contracts until your company is in a better position. Not only does this give you more time to concentrate on expanding your business, you won’t find yourself worrying about trying to cover payments you can’t quite afford.

Whether your company is large or small, leasing a car can work for you

My business is quite small, will leasing a car still work for me?


On a short-term lease, which is normally for a 12 month period, your business has the use of a brand new vehicle for the length of the contract and if a member of staff suddenly decides to leave and/or the vehicle is no longer required, at least you haven’t tied yourself into a longer contract.

And once your business has expanded and grown, you then have the option to switch to a longer lease agreement, maybe for up to three or four years and if a more suitable vehicle is required, you can look to increase your monthly payments and opt for a bigger car.

When you lease a car for business or personal use, you never actually own the vehicle but you do have the pleasure of driving a brand new car for a fixed monthly price and once the contract is over, the car is simply returned – you then have the option to start again with a totally new lease agreement.


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