Yes they can but there are some rules which apply..


Leasing a car has become a popular choice for many motorists looking to drive a brand new vehicle, however a number of people assume that because the car is never owned by you, there’ll be much less flexibility regarding who can drive the car – is this true?

The simple answer is no, this isn’t the case at all. Lease cars can be driven by someone other than the person named on the lease agreement but there are some rules which apply.

Firstly, permission must be granted by the lease company before you let anyone else drive your lease car. Secondly, the person wanting to drive your lease car must be named on your insurance policy or they will have to take out their own fully comprehensive insurance policy which includes being able to drive a lease car that is not in their name.

Can anyone else drive my lease car?

Can anyone else drive my lease car?


Trusting someone else to drive your car is a big issue that shouldn’t be considered lightly, even more so when it’s a lease car that you are paying out for on a monthly basis.

Allowing anyone but yourself to drive your lease car is a big decision but letting your eighteen year-old who’s just passed their driving test drive off in your brand new Jaguar F-Type Coupe might not be such a wise move.

Once you’ve been granted permission from your lease company and fully comprehensive insurance cover is in place for the other person, either through your policy or their own, they’re free to drive your lease car.


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