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We are a nation of animal lovers and often we need to take our pets in the car with us on a journey, whether it’s for a quick visit to the local vets or for a holiday abroad.

One question we’re asked on occasion is whether you can carry a pet in your lease car to which the answer is ‘YES’, you can. When you lease a car from Clear Car Leasing we want out customers to treat the car as if it was their own, so if you have a furry friend at home who likes travelling in the car with you this is fine with us but there are a number of important things to consider when it comes to carrying any kind of pet in your lease car.

Firstly, whilst we expect you to treat the car as if it’s your own, we ask that our customers take good care of their lease car for the time they have it, not just the maintenance of the vehicle to ensure it runs smoothly but also the interior of the vehicle.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

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If you carry a cat in your lease car you must ensure that it’s kept in a travel container at all times. Not only is this safer for the animal but will prevent the car from being damaged and stop you from taking your eyes off the road.

When carrying a dog in your lease car the best advice is to make sure it or they are restrained properly or you could face a hefty fine and points on your licence if caught by the police. Your furry friends should either be carried in the back of the lease car in a cage/crate or with a guard up to prevent it from climbing over into the back seat or a seat belt harness can be used to stop it from being able to roam freely which is not only dangerous but distracting for the driver.

Using covers over the back seat of your lease car or in the boot can help with dirt, dog hairs and scratches, ensuring your lease car is kept in good condition whilst in your possession. All lease cars are inspected towards the end of your lease term under the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guide, so it’s important to look after both the interior and exterior of your lease car to avoid extra charges.


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