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When you lease a car, one of the decisions you have to make after choosing which of our brand new cars you would like to lease is what mileage allowance you’re going to need.

Many people when leasing a car tend to manage okay on 10,000 miles per annum but that doesn’t mean this is good for every motorist, as some people cover more miles during a year than others.

What you do need to be aware of is exceeding your agreed mileage allowance, as this could result in extra charges, so it’s important to work out exactly how many miles you’re going to be covering for every year of your lease term.

Short, simple, clear car leasing

Can I Change My Annual Mileage Allowance Mid-term?


Any Excess Mileage Charges will have to be paid at the end of your contract – this will be a small fixed charge for each mile travelled over your agreed mileage allowance. This will be stated in your contract for your information.

Also, if you choose for example 15,000 miles per annum as your mileage allowance but only cover 10,000 miles each year, there is no refund due at the end of your contract, so to save yourself money on paying out extra for mileage you might not use, it makes sense to work out beforehand just how many miles you will be travelling in your lease car each year.

And despite the fact that you agree to your lease contract mileage at the start, you can amend your mileage allowance mid-term if you feel as though you haven’t chosen correctly and your monthly payments will be subsequently adjusted.


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