And will my brand new lease car be delivered to me for free?


We all have our own favourite colour and this is something that really matters to most drivers.

Firstly though, our customers at Clear Car Leasing have to decide, maybe with a little help from us, on what make and model they would like to drive.

Secondly and just as important is what colour car would our customers like to drive around in for the next 18 months or 4 years.

In a recent survey, it was found that silver is the most popular car colour currently on the roads, with black creeping up in second place, followed by blue.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean one of these is your favourite colour. Maybe you’re attracted to a colour that makes you stand out in a crowd, such as yellow or orange, or perhaps you’d prefer a crisp, clean white lease car, which over the years has taken top spot as the nations favourite car colour.

And will my brand new lease car be delivered to me for free?

Can I Choose The Colour Of Lease Car I Want?


Whatever colour takes your fancy, here at Clear Car Leasing the decision about colour is down to you but may also depend on the options available from the manufacturer.

Once you’ve decided on what make & model and the colour you would like your brand new lease car to be, will it be delivered for free?

Yes! Your brand new lease car will be delivered to you as part of your contract on a day and at a time that suits you best – so what are you waiting for? Get leasing, it really is that simple!


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