Early Termination Explained by Clear Car Leasing


There’s a number of reasons why a customer may want to end their lease contract early and at Clear Car Leasing we do allow early termination of a lease contract, however there will be fees and penalties to pay if you choose to end your agreement before the end of your lease term.

Personal circumstances such as redundancy or having to move abroad, or even separation from a partner might mean that your lease contract has to be terminated earlier than planned.

Early Termination Explained by Clear Car Leasing

Can I End My Lease Contract Early?


It may be the case that you’re struggling to keep up with the monthly payments but if this the reason you should consider speaking with your finance provider first, they might be able to extend the length of your lease – this would lower your monthly payments, or some other arrangement could be found that may help.

A customer can request early termination of their lease contract at any time, however a fee will be charged by the funder and other penalties may also be due.

Fees related to an early termination of your lease contract vary and are charged because you wish to end your lease early. A lease agreement is not meant to be broken, so costs will be incurred by yourself if you decide to go ahead with an early termination.

It’s advisable to think very carefully before cancelling your agreement and find out exactly how much your costs are going to be.


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