Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing


You want to lease a car but when you’ve sat down and worked out how much you can afford to pay out every month, you’re budget is just £200.

Just £200!! In fact a £200 monthly budget is more than enough and will enable you to drive around in one of a fantastic range of cars we have available to lease that sit within this price bracket.

Here at Clear Car Leasing all of our cars are brand new, come with UK road tax for the duration of your lease term, a full manufacturer’s warranty, breakdown cover (subject to warranty) and free delivery & collection.

Plus you can add a maintenance package for peace of mind which includes servicing, tyres and general fair wear & tear cover.

We have a wide range of cars ready to lease for under £200 per month from a variety of leading car manufacturer’s from around the world.

Let’s take a look at just a handful of brand new cars available to lease today with Clear Car Leasing that fit within your £200 monthly budget.. you’ll be amazed at what you can actually afford to drive around in!


Citroen C3 – from £161.99 inc. VAT per month

Can I Lease A Car On A £200 Monthly Budget?

The Citroen C3 – available to lease for under £200 at Clear Car Leasing

A small, fun hatchback that’s suitable for new drivers and those with a young family, perfect for daily use in and around towns and cities.

It looks funky and stylish, whilst boasting easy to navigate controls and 5 seats with enough room for four adults or three children in the back seat, plus there’s a boot large enough to hold the weekly shop and more.



Vauxhall Astra – from £179.59 inc. VAT per month

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

The Vauxhall Astra – a popular hatchback available to lease for less than £200 with Clear Car Leasing


The ever popular Astra is a large hatchback suitable for those with a medium to large family. It’s a great car to use day-to-day and very economical to run. It’s sleek, practical and modern in design, with a spacious interior big enough to carry 5 adults comfortably.

It has a large boot which can be extended by folding the rear seats flat, with enough space for the weekly shop, a pushchair or a couple of large suitcases.


Nissan Juke – from £195.59 inc. VAT per month

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

The Nissan Juke – a funky modern design that stands out in a crowd – available to lease for just under £200 at Clear Car Leasing

An extremely popular crossover with oodles of character, enabling it to stand out in a crowd. Being a crossover, it has the advantage of being a hatchback with an SUV without feeling as bulky and awkward to drive.

The Juke is a funky looking car which offers a high-positioned driving style and has an interior packed full of modern features such as cruise control, satellite navigation and so much more..



To find out more about what kind of car you can lease on a £200 budget, or for more information about any car or van available to lease at Clear Car Leasing, please call 01904 55 75 44 or fill in our Quick Quote form for a speedy response.

And if you can’t see the exact model you’re interested in, talk to us:

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