How long after my bankruptcy discharge must I wait before leasing?


If you’ve been declared bankrupt you must wait for 12 months to be discharged and after this time if you wish to lease a car a number of factors will be taken into account before your application is accepted.

The first thing to be considered once you’ve been discharged from bankruptcy is what your credit score is one year on and whether it will be high enough to be acceptable when it comes to leasing a car. Another factor taken into account will be how much money you currently make and how much of an initial payment at the beginning of a lease contract you will be able to afford.

If you can prove that despite being declared bankrupt a year ago that you are earning enough to be able to make payments on a lease car and that you are taking responsibility seriously in matters concerning outgoings, then you will more than likely be able to apply for a lease car as soon as your discharge comes into affect.

How long after my bankrupsty discharge must I wait before leasing?

Can I Lease A Car After Bankruptcy?


You will only be classed as a bad risk if you can’t prove that you’ve moved on from your bankruptcy and have made the effort to take responsibility, especially when it comes to keeping up with monthly payments and other household bills.

Because you’ve been declared bankrupt, if you’re successful in proving that you can make the monthly payments and are accepted for a car lease contract, you might have to pay an interest rate that is higher than it would be if you hadn’t been declared bankrupt in the past.

Also, there’s a chance that a restriction on the make and model of car you can lease will be in place when you first apply following a bankruptcy discharge.

If you discuss your situation thoroughly with us and can prove that you’re not a risk and won’t fail to make the fixed monthly payments on a lease car, then your application should be successful.


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