We cover both Business Contract Hire (BCH) & Personal Contract Hire (PCH) at Clear Car Leasing


At Clear Car Leasing, we provide both Business Contract Hire (BCH) and Personal Contract Hire (PCH) to the public, so if you have a limited company and would like to lease a car through your business we can offer you that service.

Before a BCH agreement can be finalised, a number of provisional checks will have to be made including a credit history check, confirmation that your business is indeed a Limited Company, providing details of your business registration and a look at your most recent bank statements/accounts.

A proof of address may also be required, along with proof of ID for the main company director of your Limited Company.

We cover both Business Contract Hire (BCH) and Personal Contract Hire (PCH) at Clear Car Leasing

Can I Lease A Car Through My Limited Company?


Included as part of your BCH agreement will be full support from ourselves for the duration of your lease term, road tax for each year of your contract, a mileage allowance that’s suited to your needs and a complete maintenance package which will cover all servicing and maintenance for the whole lease period (this can be added to your contract if required).

You simply choose the make and model of car you would like to lease, one that will benefit you and your business perfectly.

Paying one fixed monthly payment for a brand new lease car allows you the freedom to concentrate on running your business, plus you have the added bonus of being able to claim back at least 50% of the VAT, which could increase to 100% if the car you lease is used purely for business purposes only.


The benefits of a BCH agreement are clear to see – contact one of our friendly and helpful team today for more information on Business Contract Hire through your Limited Company.

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