No is the answer, a full UK driving licence is required for leasing a car


When you first learn to drive you’re provided with a provisional licence which is used until you take your driving test.

If and when you pass your provisional driving test you will then be eligible for a full UK driving licence, which is what you must hold if you would like to lease a car.

Unfortunately, a provisional licence is not acceptable however, once you’ve gained that all important full UK driving licence and you’re over 18 years of age, then you should have no problem in leasing a car.

During the document process when leasing a brand new car, you will have to provide your full driving licence. The original rather than a copy will have to be seen so that the signature can be checked and compared to your signature on the paperwork.

Can I Lease A Car Using My Provisional Licence?

A provisional licence is not acceptable when leasing a car


When you lease a car, the one who takes out the lease must be the one who insures the car. You can have other named drivers on your insurance policy but you must be the primary driver.

As a result, it is understandable why insurance companies wouldn’t want to insure somebody that either hasn’t got a full driving licence or who is still only eligible for a provisional licence.

As for those wishing to lease a car but only have an international licence, you can drive for 12 months in the UK with your licence but after this time you will have to take a UK driving test in order to gain a full UK driving licence, that is unless you’re an EU national, in which case you can continue to use your original licence.

However, if you would like to lease a car, you must be able to show that you have a UK address and a UK bank account.


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