Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing


At Clear Car Leasing we offer a wide range of cars and vans for customers to lease for a specific length of time and this includes a selection of Toyota hybrid vehicles for those wanting to ‘go greener’.

All of our lease cars are brand new, delivered and collected for free and come with a full manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

Our choice of hybrid cars offer something for everyone and give you the option to switch between electric and petrol.

Each of our lease cars come with road tax included and breakdown cover (if applicable).

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

Can I Lease A Hybrid Car With Clear Car Leasing?

For those drivers who enjoy the practicality and space an estate car provides but also like the idea of driving a greener vehicle then look no further than the Toyota Auris Hybrid Estate, available to lease with Clear Car Leasing for just £227.98 inc. VAT.

The Auris Hybrid comes with all mod cons including cruise control, bluetooth, rear view camera and a satellite navigation system, not to mention 16-Inch alloy wheels.

If a small modern family hatchback is the car for you then our Toyota Yaris Hybrid for a mere £227.51 inc. VAT might be of interest.

It’s available to lease for between 24 to 48 months with Clear Car Leasing and would be the perfect cheap runaround for those with a young family or even a new driver.

SUVs have become increasingly popular with motorists in the UK, so if you’re interested in driving one but prefer a hybrid vehicle, why not take a look at the Toyota C-HR Petrol Hybrid Auto, a very smart looking small SUV that’s equipped with tons of technology including adaptive cruise control, Toyota’s Safety Sense, reversing camera, Toyota Touch Media System and 17-Inch 5-Spoke alloy wheels.

The C-HR Hybrid Auto is available to lease for just £320.00 inc. VAT at Clear Car Leasing.

And for extra peace of mind you can add a maintenance package to your lease contract, ensuring your hybrid vehicle is well maintained for the duration of your lease term.


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