I want to drive a ‘greener’ car, is this possible with Clear Car Leasing?


At Clear Car Leasing we offer both hybrid and electric vehicles to those who wish to go ‘greener’.

As we all all aware these days, there’s a huge push towards cars with greener engines, so it’s with great pride that we can tell our customers ‘Yes’, we can lease you an alternatively fuelled vehicle if you wish to join the ‘green revolution’.

As with all our cars available to lease, our hybrid and electric options are brand new vehicles that come with a full manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

Road tax will be included for the duration of your chosen lease term and your hybrid or electric car will be delivered to you for free – and collected from you for free at the end of your contract.

I want to drive a 'greener' car, is this possible with Clear Car Leasing?

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The running costs of an electric car can be quite low and most suited to drivers who tend to cover around 30 miles per day. A fully charged electric car normally has a range between 80-150 miles but this all depends on the make and model chosen.

For those motorists who generally cover more miles the electric car might not be the best option. A hybrid car might be the route to go as they combine both a petrol motor alongside a conventional engine, so you can switch between the two.

Either option means you save money as well as protecting the environment at the same time – for more information about leasing your first ever hybrid or electric car please call 01904 55 75 44.


Please click here to find out more about our business/personal car leasing services and special offers, or give us a call TODAY on 01904 55 75 44.

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