And what about a tow bar, would this be okay too?


When you lease a car, you’re basically paying for the use of a vehicle for an agreed length of time and at the end of the lease term it’s returned.

Whether you have chosen a Business Contract Hire (BCH) or Personal Contract Hire (PCH) agreement, in both instances the lease car remains the property of the finance company, so they are the registered keeper and owner of the vehicle.

Therefore, you will not be provided with the V5C document, as this remains with the finance company for the duration of your lease term.

If you would like to make modifications to your lease car at any time during your lease term you can but they must be removed without damaging the lease car at the end of your contract.

And what about a tow bar, would this be okay too?

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Generally, it all depends on what kind of modifications you would like to make, so the best advice is to speak with us first before going ahead with any changes as there might be restrictions on what is or isn’t acceptable and whether permission is needed.

A number of modifications are acceptable so long as they are removed from the vehicle before it’s returned at the end of your contract, these include adding a tow bar, fitting a roof rack, installing a vehicle tracker or Black Box and using a dashboard camera.

Permission may also be granted for vehicle wrapping with your company decals but this must be removed in advance when your contract is nearing the end.

If you wish to add private registration plates to your new lease car you must obtain permission first and there might be a charge to pay for the services.


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