Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing


Here at Clear Car Leasing, our goal is to provide each and every one of our customers with a vehicle that suits their requirements and upon delivery is everything they expected it to be.

If for some reason your lease car continues to have problems that are causing frustration and distress, then we will work with you to resolve these issue in the best way possible.

Sometimes a brand new car can suddenly throw up a few issues which more often than not can be fixed but on the rare occasion your lease car keeps coming up with faults or problems, then you can as a customer reject the vehicle plus you will also be entitled to a refund.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

Can I Reject My Lease Car If I Keep Having Problems?

If the fault is reported within the first thirty days and it’s proven that the fault has been there since the vehicle was delivered to you, then you as the customer are entitled to reject the vehicle and expect a refund.

However, you can choose to have your lease car fixed or replaced and this option is available within the first six months. If a repair doesn’t solve the problem then you as the lessee have the right to reject the contract and expect a refund, or you could decide to continue leasing the vehicle at a lower monthly rate.

After the first six months, customers have the right to claim as long as it’s reported within six years and you can prove that the problem was there when you took delivery.

The customer then has the right to a repair or replacement, or a refund minus a deduction for continued use, or the monthly payments will be reduced if the customer chooses to keep the vehicle and continue leasing.

Basically, during the first thirty days it’s up to the customer to prove there is a fault. Afterwards and up to the end of the first six months of leasing, the trader must prove that the fault wasn’t there when the vehicle was delivered. After this period, it reverts back to the customer to prove their case.

If not enough evidence can be found to determine whether the fault was there at the time of delivery, then the lessee is deemed responsible for its correction, so it’s advisable that you check over your lease vehicle carefully upon delivery.

If a refund is chosen by a customer, this should be transferred back to them within 14 days with no extra fees added. The refund should also be paid back to the customer the same way in which it was paid unless the customer chooses a different option.


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