Are modifications allowed on a lease car and if so, which ones?


Many customers who lease a car are unsure as to whether they can make modifications to the vehicle whilst in their possession.

One such modification which seems to be popular with drivers is remapping – not only can this help boost performance, it can also improve fuel economy but is this a modification that’s allowed with a lease car?

Mapping a car is a relatively easy process and is also reversible but it may invalidate the warranty that comes with your brand new lease car.

If you are interested in knowing whether you can remap your lease car, you need to speak with your funder who will inform you if this acceptable or not. Every funder is different and it may be that some will allow you to make such a modification to your lease car.

Are modifications allowed on a lease car and if so, which ones?

Can I Remap My Lease Car?


If permission is granted, you will have to reverse the process and remove any other modifications before your lease term comes to an end and no damage must be left behind because of a modification you have made to the vehicle.

Any damage caused by modifications could result in extra charges at the end of your contract if they are not repaired by yourself before your lease car is returned.

Both Personal Contract Hire (PCH) and Business Contract Hire (BCH) agreements enable you to lease a car for an agreed lease term and mileage allowance, however the car is returned at the end of your contract.

So whilst it’s okay to treat a lease car as if it’s your own for the duration of your lease term, it must be returned exactly as it was when you took delivery – a fitted tow bar or roof rack for example must be removed from the vehicle and if the car has been remapped, the process must be reversed before the end of your contract.


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