Do I Need Permission From My Finance Provider First?


Car leasing in the UK is becoming increasingly popular, however many people assume that because it’s a lease car the only one who can drive it is the person/s named on the contract but is this true or can someone else be insured to drive my lease car?

It might come as a surprise to many people but the answer is ‘Yes’ they can but there are a few important factors to remember beforehand:

The person/s named on the lease must have granted permission to the person wanting to drive the lease car. They must also be named on the contract holder’s insurance policy or have their own separate fully comprehensive insurance to drive a lease car that isn’t in their name.

Do I Need Permission From My Finance Provider First?

Can Someone Else Be Insured To Drive My Lease Car?


Before you let someone else drive your lease car you need to ensure you trust them to drive it and look after it as you would yourself.

Leasing a car and making the fixed monthly payments for an agreed term is a huge commitment, so allowing your eighteen year-old to drive your brand new Jaguar XF after just passing their test might not be such a great idea.

The owner and registered keeper of your lease car for the duration of your agreement will be your finance provider but despite this, there’s no need for you to inform them of every person who is named as insured to drive the car.

So long as they are insured either through your own policy or have their own fully comprehensive cover to drive a lease car that’s not in their name they are free to drive your lease car.


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