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It’s half term this week across the country and this could mean a family holiday abroad for many people but what are the rules about travelling abroad in your lease car, can you even take a lease car out of the country?

The short answer is yes, you can take your lease car abroad but there are a number of things you must do in order to be able to take your lease car out of the country for a short period of time.

Can I take my lease car abroad?

Yes, you can take your lease car abroad but permission is needed by your finance provider and the appropriate form must be filled in.

Many people assume that because you never own the car and your finance provider remains the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle and holds on to the V5C document that you won’t be allowed to take your lease car abroad but you can, as long as you contact your finance provider in advance to notify them of your intention and to ask for permission.

Your finance provider will ask you to fill out a Vehicle-on-Hire-Certificate (VE103B) form which basically acts as a V5C logbook. This is a legal document that gives you the lessee permission to drive your lease car abroad and contains important information about your vehicle including the registration number, make and model. It also shows your name and address and how long your lease term is for.

Before travelling to your chosen destination abroad, it’s advisable to do a bit of homework first about what their specific road rules are to avoid getting into trouble with the law. Familiarise yourself with local driving laws such as road signs, speed limits and road markings, doing so could make all the difference – a happy holiday in your lease car or the holiday that everyone wants to forget!


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