Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing


When you lease a car you agree to a chosen lease term that’s suitable for you, an annual mileage allowance you consider will fit with your needs and to pay the fixed monthly rental right up until the end of your contract.

However, sometimes in life circumstances can change and what we thought was the best option for us at the time might not be suitable going forward.

It might be that you’ve changed jobs, or your family is about to grow in size or you find yourself using your lease car in a different way than what you’d expected. Whatever changes in your life you may be experiencing, it’s always possible to upgrade your lease car to fit in with those changes.

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

Can I Upgrade My Lease Car Mid-Term?


If, for example, you’re driving around in a small car that was perfect for daily life in and around town but now you’re going to be doing more travelling further afield and feel like a bigger car is necessary, then an upgrade might be the answer, or you’ve changed jobs and are having to travel more to get there and a faster, more sporty car than the one you’re driving now would be ideal, here at Clear Car Leasing we can help.

Your current lease contract may have to be replaced with a brand new one to account for the changes but otherwise everything will remain the same, unless you think you’re agreed mileage allowance will have to be increased because more miles are going to be covered per year.

Whatever your reasons for wishing to upgrade to a bigger or more sportier car than what you initially signed up for, here at Clear Car Leasing we can work with you to ensure you get to drive the car most suited to any changes.


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