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You’ve just passed your practical theory test after months of driving lessons and you’re now ready for the open road but of course you’ll need a car. So, is it possible for a new young driver to lease a car from Clear Car Leasing?

Leasing has become increasingly popular in the UK with all age groups over the past few years and it’s no wonder – you get to drive a brand new car for an affordable monthly amount, without the hassle involved when buying outright such as having to deal with depreciation and selling the vehicle on when the time comes.

Of course, as a new young driver, the idea of leasing a modern, smart, brand new car compared to looking for something second-hand is very appealing and with so many affordable lease cars to choose from, why would you not consider leasing?

Short, Simple, Clear Car Leasing

New young drivers can lease a car from Clear Car Leasing as long as they’re aged 18 or over, hold a full UK driving licence and are eligible for vehicle finance or use a guarantor

As long as you have a valid UK driving licence, are over 18 years of age and are eligible for vehicle finance, there’s no reason why new young drivers can’t lease their first car.

However, because of your young age, there’s one stumbling block that could prevent you from being able to lease and that’s the credit check which is part of the leasing process for everyone and looks into your credit history.

Your credit history is looked at by the finance house to decide whether you’re eligible for leasing. The trouble is, as a young person, you probably as yet don’t have much of a credit history to look at and this could be a problem.

Your credit history is looked at to decide whether you can afford to keep up with the monthly payments, however, further information and documentation provided by yourself is also used to make a decision.

If your credit history is an issue, you could always consider using a guarantor. Basically, a guarantor is someone who agrees to cover the monthly payments if you fail to keep up with them.

They must be aged 21 or over, have a ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ credit history and have no financial links to yourself.

A lot of people use a parent or brother/sister whose older to act as a guarantor but it can be anybody you know, so long as they’re prepared to cover your monthly payments should you struggle to do so.



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