What is excess mileage and how much mileage should I choose for my lease?


Low monthly payments tempt many potential car buyers into leasing a car rather than going to the expensive of buying outright, however the mileage you travel each year is something to consider before going ahead.

When you lease a car, you agree as part of the contract to do a specific amount of mileage per year based on the allowance you choose when you sign up for one of our brand new lease cars.

Once you decide which make and model of car to lease and for how long – a simple and hassle free process when you use Clear Car Leasing – the next step is to think about what mileage allowance will best suit your needs.

Car Lease Mileage Explained

What is excess mileage and how much mileage should I choose for my lease?


A variety of car lease mileage options are available to our customers, it’s up to you to decide which one will work best for you and remember that the mileage allowance you choose will affect your monthly payments.

If you choose a mileage allowance but go over it during your lease period, you will have to pay a small fixed charge per mile over your limit, payable at the end of your contract – this is what’s known as excess mileage.

Working out roughly how many miles you are going to do annually and sticking to it will help you avoid excess mileage charges once your contract comes to an end but if you choose a mileage allowance way over what you actually do each year, then you could be paying out more in monthly payments than is necessary.


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