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When you lease a car from Clear Car Leasing the same rules apply when it comes to insurance as it would if you was purchasing a car outright.

If you lease a car from us you will benefit from free delivery and collection, road tax and a full manufacturer’s warranty, however insurance is not included as part of your agreement.

This is your responsibility and you must ensure you choose a fully comprehensive insurance policy. The person taking out the lease agreement must be the main policy holder, or be a named driver on the insurance certificate.

Do Car Leases Come With Insurance?

When leasing a car you are responsible for insuring the vehicle


When it comes to insuring your brand new lease car you must inform the insurance provider of the fact that the car you wish to insure is a lease car, this will save confusion in the event of a claim. Telling them should not make a difference to the price you pay but it’s always best that they know from the start.

You need to ensure that your lease car is insured from the day it arrives with you and remains insured for the duration of your lease contract. You might be asked to show proof that you have a policy in place before the car is delivered to you.

Your insurance certificate must show your name, the registration number of the lease car and must be dated on or before your delivery date.

The finance company remains the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle for the duration of your lease term.

Some customers choose to take out a GAP policy on their lease car, however this is not a legal requirement and entirely up to you.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) insurance covers the difference between the value of your lease car (the amount your car insurer will normally pay out in the event of total loss or theft) and the amount you owe to the finance company for leasing the car.


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