How easy would life be if everything was all in one place? Like car leasing with insurance and all the good-bits rolled into one set payment. Whilst we can’t control everything in our lives, we can at least help with your car. Talk to us today, and let’s see how we can help you.

Take a look at what could be included with your lease below:


The bane of running a car. Are the tyres flat? Do the tyres need replacing? Why is the annual orange light on? It goes on and on! Luckily, these will all become distant memories.

Your tyres and your service will all be taken care of. Simply, book the car in with your local dealer and the funder will do the rest! The best part? You won’t receive any unexpected charges. As it’ll be covered by your lease contract.

Breakdown Assistance

If you do find yourself stuck on the side of the road, don’t fear! Just give the magic number a quick call, and a fluorescent coloured van will appear.

They will then attempt to repair the vehicle by the roadside or will be able to recover the vehicle for you.  You won’t be stranded again!

Car Leasing with Insurance

Having to endlessly spend hours of your own time looking at insurance comparison websites, calling up insurers, just to find that “special deal” is such a hassle. Now, it’ll be a thing of the past! As you’ll be able to benefit from full UK insurance cover included in your contract.

Allowing you to drive freely, and legally in the UK without having to worry or make sure that your car is insured. However, the best thing about this cover is that the price is fixed. Meaning, you won’t suffer from unexpected premium increases.

You’ll also be covered for damage protection against your lease vehicle. Regardless if it’s fire or theft, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that this is covered.

Windscreen and Glass cover is also standard on this insurance policy. Cracks, chips or scratches on the windscreen will be covered!

Accident Management

Accidents can happen. But, they are never planned. So when the unexpected comes, it’s best to make sure everything’s fully covered.

Regardless of the type of the incident, you’ll have access to full roadside recovery and access to a short-term hire car. Allowing you to get mobile as soon as possible.

The funder would then deal with all other aspects of the incident. They have an enormous amount of experience in this field and will know how to manage this professionally. They’ll be able to deal with the estimates, vehicle repair and insurance claims. Just leave it to them to do all of the hard work.

Is this type of lease right for me?

If you’re looking to manage your expenses in one payment then this is absolutely the right lease for you. All of the features of the service above, including car leasing with insurance, will come out in one monthly payment.  The price will also remain fixed for the duration of the contract.

Now, if only we can get unlimited fuel too…

View our latest lease offers here

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