Car Leasing made easy by Clear Car Leasing


If you’re in the market for a brand new car but wish to avoid paying a large deposit upfront and don’t care whether you own the car, then leasing could be right up your street.

Basically, a leasing deal is a short or long term car rental agreement which offers you, the customer, low monthly repayments based on the make and model of vehicle you decide to lease.

At the end of the contract you simply hand the car back and that’s it – unless you choose to start a new agreement!

Car Leasing made easy by Clear Car Leasing

What is Car Leasing and How Does It Work?


Leasing a car works in just the same way as renting or leasing anything else. If you rent a property you must first pay a deposit and then you get to use it for an agreed period of time, paying a fixed amount each month until then end of your contract, when the house or flat reverts back to the landlord.

It works in the same way with car leasing – you pay a deposit which is normally three to six times the fixed monthly payment fee based on the make and model you have chosen to lease and you simply pay the agreed monthly amount via Direct Debit from your bank right up until the end of your contract.

When the contract ends, the car is returned and in just the same way as property, if any damage is found on the car not covered by Fair Wear & Tear, you will have to pay out to get it repaired.

Car leasing has become increasingly popular here in the UK, mainly because monthly payments are low and can be based around an individual’s budget, plus you don’t have the worry of depreciation and having to sell it when the time comes for a change of vehicle.


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