Only when the car showed signs of a problem was the discovery made


Whilst a motorist in the UK went away on holiday with his girlfriend, the squirrels moved in to his VW Golf and brought all their acorns with them!

The Volkswagen Golf belonging to Andrew Wilkins, aged 25, had been parked up at the home of his girlfriend’s father whilst the couple went travelling around Vietnam, Thailand and India for five weeks.

When Mr Wilkins used his car after returning back to the UK he noticed a number of problems including not being able to change the gears properly.

He decided to take his car to a garage on December 29 so it could be checked over and only at this point was the discovery made.

Only when the car showed signs of a problem was the discovery made

Cheeky squirrels use man’s car to store their acorns


The squirrels had been using Mr Wilkins’ VW Golf to hoard their supply of acorns and had hidden them everywhere including the glove compartment, inside the bonnet and in the gearbox!

Whilst Mr Wilkins was tidying up his vehicle before the mechanics checked it over he opened the glove compartment and discovered a drawer packed full of acorns.

He showed the mechanic what he’d found and before long the rest of the garage’s mechanics were huddled round the car laughing at the discovery.

Half an hour later though, Mr Wilkins was contacted by the garage to inform him that the cheeky squirrels had stashed their acorns in other parts of the car, including the gearbox assembly and this is why Mr Wilkins had been struggling to change gears properly.

The squirrels and their stash of acorns cost Andrew £168 in the end, as it took the garage two hours to sort out the issues created by these cheeky little hoarders.

And whilst the mechanics had his car, they also found a dead rat inside the bonnet, so Mr Wilkins’ invoice read: “To remove acorns from gearbox linkage housing and dead rat from sound proofing.”


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