We offer short term and long term leases at Clear Car Leasing


Deciding whether you want to lease a car on a short term or long term basis is entirely up to you and what will suit your particular requirements.

A short term lease is generally a lease period less than 24 months and comes will all the same benefits as a long term lease such as a full manufacturer’s warranty as standard, road tax and two sets of keys.

A long term lease tends to be a lease longer than 24 months and at Clear Car Leasing this can be anywhere up to 48 months, with the most popular lease term being 36 months (or three years).

Long term leases allow you to spread the cost of a brand new car over a longer period of time, with monthly payments set at a fixed price for the duration of your lease term.

We offer short term and long term leases at Clear Car Leasing

How long should I lease a car for?


Whether you opt for a short term or long term lease, the process is the same. Once approved your brand new car will be with you within 8 weeks or so and delivered to you at a time that’s convenient.

As we’ve already mentioned, all of our brand new lease cars come with a full manufacturer’s warranty as standard and road tax is included for the duration of your lease term. Depending on the manufacturer, breakdown cover might also be included as part of your warranty.

Each of our brand new lease cars come with two sets of keys upon delivery and you have the option of adding a maintenance package at the start of your lease term for peace of mind.

At the end of your lease term the car is collected from you, making the whole leasing process from start to finish a hassle-free way of motoring.


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