How long would you like the car for and what mileage are you likely to do per annum


Leasing a car for personal or business use is a quick and simple process, especially here at Clear Car Leasing with our vast knowledge and huge experience in the car leasing industry.

Once you’ve decided which make and model of car you want to lease, it’s time for you to decide how long you would like the lease contract to last.

Some people are looking to lease a car short term, whilst others see it as a long term prospect where they get to drive a brand new car and then keep it for a couple of years until they’re ready for a change.

The choice is entirely yours and here at Clear Car Leasing, you can lease a brand new car for a minimum of 28 days right up to two, three or even four years.

Consider how long you would like the car for and what mileage you're likely to do per annum

Beforehand, work out how many miles you’re likely to cover per year and how long you would like to lease the car for


Obviously, the longer your lease contract lasts, the more you pay monthly as part of your fixed payments, so it’s worth sitting down and working out what the best option is to suit your individual requirements and budget.

When it comes to mileage allowance, you need to work out how many miles you are likely to do per year for the duration of your contract. 10,000 miles per annum is generally the preferred mileage allowance but if you think you’ll be doing more or less each year, make sure it’s confirmed in your contract – paying for miles you know aren’t going to be driven is just as bad as having to pay extra at the end of your contract if you go over your allowance.

Excess mileage charges will have to paid at the end of your lease agreement if you do go over your annual mileage allowance – you’ll have to pay a small fixed charge for each mile over.

If your circumstances change in any way during your lease period and you wish to alter the length of the lease term or increase/decrease your annual mileage allowance, please contact us.


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